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Faculty & Staff

If you are full-time, tenured, or tenure-track OSU faculty and are teaching courses and/or carrying out research associated with Oklahoma, we invite you to become an affiliate of the Center for Oklahoma Studies. As such, your courses, research programs, and associated events will be announced and highlighted on our website and in our publications and announcements. We will regularly inform you of opportunities for informal meetings with campus and off-campus groups that may further your work either in establishing collaborators or by making your research program better known. We will request suggestions annually from affiliates so that we may better serve you and your students whose work focuses on state interests.

If you are OSU staff, part-time, visiting, or retired faculty, or faculty at another university or associated with a group or institution with Oklahoma research and study interests, we invite you to become an associate of the Center for Oklahoma Studies. Associates will be notified of all events related to Center activities and welcomed as participants.

Associates' and affiliates' names will appear on the Center faculty website page.

Apply to become an affiliate or an associate.